OK! Here we go again!

Welcome to Week 4 (STEP 04) of our How to Start Internet Business in Ghana series. I hope you’ve got some value from the previous emails, and I also hope you’ve taken at least one action. Thus, deciding on your business idea by reading STEP 02

But don’t worry if you haven’t yet. That is exactly what this STEP 04 is about.

If you will remember, at the tail end of STEP 03, I inquired which of the following topics should land in your inbox this week.

  1. Naming our business
  2. Internet Business ideas in Ghana

Majority said Yhhhhh yh, and minority said Noo no!

The YES won it, and that is Internet Business Ideas in Ghana.

So without much ado, in my capacity as the digital Alban Kingsford Sumani Bagbin, I declare today’s article as such, in accordance with our standing order iBIG.03

But before that, here is a list of what we’ve covered so far. I will strongly recommend you read them in that order, if this is your first time receiving this series.

Overview of today’s article

The ideas I treated are

  1. Domain name trading
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Self-Publishing
  4. Online Market Place business
  5. SMS Business
  6. Internet Radio
  7. Online TV
  8. Online News Platform
  9. Infopreneur
  10. Virtual Administrative Assistant

I also listed about 15 other business ideas, but didn’t explain them. Feel free to let me know if there is a specific one I should explain!

That out of the way, let’s rumble; starting with Internet Business Models. Today, no break time and no commercial break (or there will be one?). So fasten your seat belt!!! It’s a long ride!

There are two main ways your Internet Business (IB) can fetch you money.

  1. Indirect Way: Also called Traffic site (platforms)
  2. Direct Way: Also called Sales sites (platforms)

That is what I mean by IB Models.

Let’s see a brief description of the two:

Indirect Way (Traffic Sites)

On traffic sites, you provide your visitors with something of value, for free. Yes, you provide something of VALUE for FREE!!!

How you go fi get money then?

It is mainly through advertisement (Ad)

Any site that gets millions or thousands of visitors a day, will automatically be a money-fetching platform.

This is how it works

Once you begin to get 1000s of visitors per day to your website or platform. You look for companies that have products that your visitors will be interested in. You then place their Ad on your site. You will be charging those companies whenever a visitor clicks on the Ad. This type of generating revenue is sometimes called Affiliate Marketing, and there are three main ways you can charge the company.

Let’s take my site ( for example. I currently don’t have any Ad on it; but in case someday I decide to display an Ad from another company, there are three ways I can agree on the payment.

  1. Pay-Per-Click: The company will pay me anytime you click on the Ad on my site.
  2. Pay-Per-Lead: The Ad will tell you to do “something” and the company will only pay me when you do that “something”. Examples of such “somethings” are:
    1. Sign up for a News Letter
    2. Download eBook
    3. Download trial version of a software
    4. Request for price of an item
    5. Click on “Add to cart” button
    6. Register a course
    7. Etc
  3. Revenue Sharing: This is the most popular way to generate revenue by Affiliate Marketing. I get some coins when you click on the Ad and proceed to buy something from the company. I get nothing if you don’t buy.

Lemme try and explain that in English. Consider the banner below:

I just took that screenshot on

You can see a nice banner from Online University – Atlantic International University. So when I click on that Ad (banner), some coins go to Modern Ghana bank account. The payment arrangement could also be that: I must click on the banner, go to AIU website and create account before the coin goes into Modern Ghana bank account.

How did Modern Ghana find AIU to place their Ad on their site?

Often there is a third party. That third party could be Sheikh Google or Microsoft or another big brother.

  • Google has Google AdSense
  • Microsoft has Microsoft AdCenter

Let’s see how this thing works, considering Google AdSense.

Conversation between Modern Ghana and Sheikh Google

@ModernGhana (MG): Hi Sheikh Google, I have a website called 1 million people visit it a day. I will like you to put some advertisement on it. But I will charge you.

@Google: Sure, I can do that. How do you want me to pay you?

@MG: What are the payment options you have?

@Google: I have three payment options.

  • When someone clicks on the Ad (I call that Pay-Per-Click)
  • When someone clicks the Ad and does “something” (I call that Pay-Per-Lead)
  • When someone clicks the Ad, does something, and then pays for something, you will get a percentage of that money. (I call that revenue sharing)

@MG: Oh ok, what are the associated rates please?


  • Pay-Per-Click(PPC) = 2 pesewas
  • Pay-Per-Lead (PPL)= 5 pesewas
  • Revenue Sharing = GHS 1

@MG: I will go for pay per click. That’s 2 pesewas per click. There is no guarantee that someone will click and then buy something. So please pay me by clicks.

@Google: deal made!!!

Meanwhile AIU is also in talks with Google.

@AIU: Hi Sheikh Google, I just started an online university and I will love to have students registering from Africa. That is my main target.

@Google: Oh, ebi small deal give me koraa

@AIU: How much will you charge

@Google: I can charge you in three different ways

  • Pay-Per-Click(PPC) = GHS 3.00
  • Pay-Per-Lead (PPL)= GHS 5.00
  • Revenue Sharing = GHS 10.00

@AIU: I will settle on PPC, thus GHS 3.00

Google now takes AIU banner and places it on Modern Ghana website. It charges AIU GHS 3.00 for every click; gives 2 pesewas to Modern Ghana and keeps the remaining, for doing “nothing”- Just playing the role of “connection man”.

Are you surprised that Facebook and Google are extremely rich when you don’t really know what they are selling? That is the behind the scene secret. It’s all about advertisement.

If you check Alphabet’s Consolidated Financial Statement here, on page nine (9), it says:

We generate revenues primarily by delivering relevant, cost-effective online advertising

Alphabet is the parent company under which there is Google and other less popular companies.

Below is a screen shot from the Financial Statement

You can see over 80% of their revenue is from advertising.

Ghanaweb, myjoyonline,,, etc are all into this Ad business. That is why someone can setup a website and doesn’t care whether the news it spreads is fake or not. All that matters is people should visit the site, and it can take advantage of that to be a Google AdSense subscriber. Yes, because you need to reach certain number of visitors per day before you can subscribe.

Another thing to note is:

Modern Ghana doesn’t exactly know what’s being displayed on its site. It will only choose the category of Ads to display, not the specific ad. It doesn’t know there is some Online University on it’s website.

I hope you’ve understood how this type of Internet Business model works. You provide something of Value for free, in exchange for Traffic. Then you monetize the traffic by placing Ad on the site. Tia tia tia!!

Let’s see the other Internet Business Model.

Direct sales model

The other type of Internet Business model is Direct Sales. Under this model, you sell real stuff online. Obvious example is e-commerce that sells multiple products or just a single product.

The stuff you will sell on an e-commerce platform can be

  1. Digital (eBook, Music, How-to tutorials, podcast, webinar, etc) or
  2. Physical stuff (slippers, tomato, fruits, books, etc)

Amazon is a typical type of business that sells both Digital and Physical stuff. Tonaton sells physical stuff, and multiple stuff.

Under this model, just like the traffic generating model, your secret will always be a unique product/service that you will offer to specific niche. One advantage of this is, you don’t need 1000s of visitors to start with. With even 10 visitors, there is a possibility you can make sales.

How do you build such platform to sell stuff?

It’s easy. Somewhere in the middle of 2019, myself and one other friend organized Web Development & Mobile App Training for the youth in Zongo Communities in Ashanti Region. It was sponsored by the Ministry of Inner-City and Zongo Development. At the end of the 4-month training, one of the participants developed an e-commerce platform. She is into handmade bags, and the platform focused on stuff made in Zongo, in Ghana.

The domain name we bought was but I think she’s lost interest in the business. The site is offline now. We built the platform using WordPress framework. I recorded the class sessions and its available on YouTube. You can watch it here.

  1. Part 1
  2. Part 2
  3. Part 3

Once you go through, you will realize building the platform is not the big thing, but what to sell and how to find customers.

This particular lady had no web development background. Not at all but she was able to build the platform that she can start with. It had everything from adding stuff to cart, to checkout and to making payment.

In fact, if not for the purpose of the training, I will not charge anything less than GHS 5,000.00 to build it for her. But once you go through the above 3 videos, you will realize it actually takes less than 3hrs to build the platform. And it only cost her around GH¢300.00. About GH¢100 for domain name, and the GH¢200 for hosting. We will buy domain and hosting in our later emails so that you can build your own platform.

In my book also, I demonstrated how to build such a platform.

What product should I sell on my e-commerce platform.

Check HOW TO START INTERNET BUSINESS IN GHANA -STEP 02 (OUR BUSINESS IDEA) and see how you can find out what other people are looking for online.

This mindset is very important! The traditional way we sometimes do business is to build a product and go around looking for people who have interest in it, hoping they may buy. Flip that in your mind.

First, figure out what people are searching for, using the techniques in STEP 02. Then go find a solution, and come back and sell to them. In that way, you have a ready market.

Another advice I will give is: Do not make your mind to sell to everyone. Find solution to a problem that a sizeable population is facing, that you have interest in. Focus there. Hit there haaaard!!

OK, that’s it for the two types of Internet Business Models. They are Traffic sites and Direct sale sites.

Now, what are the 10 Internet Business Ideas in Ghana?

Business Idea 1: Domain Name Trading or Drop-catching Business.

Consider this as Internet Real Estate business. Just as a real estate investor looks for good piece of land to buy, domainer (someone who buys domain and sell) looks for good domain names to buy. Both have the intention of reselling it at a higher price for profit, or building a house (website) on it. So, this falls under Direct sales and your product is “domain names”.

What is domain name?

The domain name is the name of a website. It is the website address.

Examples are:


Generally, we call domain name as website but technically there can be a domain name without a website on it. Example is number 6 above (

When you visit, it says:

SAKAWA.COM since1998/Apr Not for sale this domain

So, the person bought it in 1998, and has being renewing it every year but has not bothered to build a website on it.

That is exactly what you are about doing, but yours will be “for sale”.

So, basically, domain trading is about scanning the internet to see possible names that people will likely have value someday, register it and sell it later at a higher price.

How do you know it has value?

Visit and enter the name of the domain you want to buy

So if am to sell, I should get around $500.00

You can do the same check at to have a fair idea of the average price.

How profitable is this type of business?

I must tell you this truth: about 10% of domain traders profit a lot but a large percentage also run lost. It’s all about luck and how best you can market it to people to know the benefit of that domain name.

Sometime back I registered and hoped some Arab don will come for. Not even a housefly showed interest. I didn’t invest time to market it though. I bought it because I realized the dot com( was owned by someone, and it costs around $4,000 if you wanted to buy from that person. Now, when you search, it comes as a premium domain, and it goes for $1,940.

The events that happens around the world also affect domain prices. Sometime back, the word kumerica might have cost not more than $10. But now it’s not for sale, and when you check the value, its around $1,000. Just two years ago, Covid-19 might be a stupid word to build website on. But here we are today, a very popular word!

Other premium domains are:

Your region or home town domain might not be premium today, but can be tomorrow. So look sharp. For example, is currently available but might be a hot cake in few years’ time.

Sorry, I’ve just bought that one.

Can you think of district capitals?

Check your district name and see if its available. If YES, grab it as quick as possible. Or you can look for other districts that are popular or has the potential to be popular. It could even be something popular in a different country.,, and were all owned by some US guys, sometime ago.

You can also try some domains like

  • (available)
  • (owned by someone but try if you can negotiate and get it)

Another way to get good domain names is to add a keyword from that industry to the domain. For example, let’s say we want to set up a news platform on but that is not available. We can also consider

  2. or
  3. or
  4. or
  5. or

Sorry, is also not available 🙂

How do I market my domain?

There are different ways

  1. Look for where interested people are online, and tell them you have it.
  2. Send direct email to those you think might have interest. For example, Bono Regional minister might definitely be interested in doing something with com. Haaajala, m3 gye no roff. If you are able to register you can find a way to email Chairman Wontumi. Let him know the value of over that his media empire is using.
  3. There are other companies (agents) that will sell it for you.
  4. You can also decide to rent it. No sell it. Yes, you can do it that way. Example: let’s say you own You can rent it to any entity that wants to have a party. They will rent it, build a website on it and use it for their program. Once they are done, you take your domain back. Just like how people rent canopies and chairs.

What next after registering domain?

Right after registering, do well to create all the key social media handles. I just created

  4. com/BonoRegion
  5. com/BonoRegion
  6. me/bonoregion

Enough of domain name trading, let’s see its little sister too: drop catching business.

Imagine someday I lose interest in, you can find a smart way to be the first person to buy it right after it expires.

Once you are able to renew it, it becomes yours. But it’s not as simple as that. For example, if it’s a popular domain, then many people around the world are all monitoring the expiration date (there are special tools to do the monitoring) so you should be able to grab it a second or two after expiration.

Now, few things to consider before buying a domain name

  1. The length of the domain: Do not buy domain that is longer than 15 characters. The shorter, the easier it is for people to remember.
  2. It must be mobile friendly. People should be able to type it easily on their mobile phones without switching from alphabet to numeric. In Ghana, as at December 2020, 76.64 % of web traffic comes from mobile device. This info is from
  3. Do not buy a hyphenated domain name. Something like
  4. Make sure the domain is not blacklisted.
  5. Do not add “the” to get your domain name. For example, since is not available, you decide to register “”. You will most likely live in the shadow of
  6. Make sure the social media handles are available before buying it.
  7. There are other extensions (.net, .info, .app, etc.) but stick to .com if you can. The default extension in everyone’s mind is .com. If I tell you my website is “OnlinePresident”, you are likely to type and not I only registered .org because I didn’t get the .com

Enough of that! Feel free to mail me if you have any specific question relating to domain name trading. We still have nine (9) more businesses to talk about, let’s be fast.


But before that, let’s go for quick commercial break!


My comedy book: My Love Encounter with the KNUST Waakye Seller is still available on Amazon and on Play Store. I guarantee you: It is the number one comedy book in Ghana. Oh Yes, and that is why I will refund your money if you don’t enjoy it.

It’s GH¢15 on Play Store and $3 on Amazon

Amazon link is HERE: and on Play Store you must download ReaderApp.

More info@0234809010

Welcome back from COMMERCIAL BREAK!

Now, business number two.

Business Idea 2: Digital Marketing

Probably, this should have been number one but my list is not in any particular order. Am writing them as they come to mind.

Digital Marketing is the online gold mine, but there is a myth. Let’s clear that first!

Digital Marketing is not just about “marketing a product oo”.

A Digital Marketer must know how to build a simple website. A digital marker must understand a lot of online technologies that are used to analyze user behavior.

Skills a DM must know include

  1. Website development and management
  2. Email Marketing (my weekly series is email marketing)
  3. Web analytics
    1. How many people visited your website?
    2. How many bought an item or a product?
    3. Which pages or links did they click?
    4. Which country are they coming from?
    5. Which browser did they use?
    6. Which device (mobile, desktop, tablet, smart watch, smart TV) did they use to visit your website?
    7. How many minuets did they spend on your website?
  4. Search Engine Optimization (You will need basic HTML tags to understand this)
  5. Blogging (Content Curation)
  6. Social Media Management
  7. Video Marketing
  8. Digital Branding
  9. Data Analysis and Reporting
  10. Online Reputation Management
  11. Google Search (example, Boolean search)
  12. etc

You need to master all these to be able to hit your chest high and say I’m a Digital Marketer.

But don’t get scared, you need to start from somewhere. And the best place I will recommend is:

It is a platform well-structured for a total beginner. It has 26 modules and you will get a badge after successfully completing each module. It’s free.

Once you’re done; build your website, brand yourself and that’s it. You will rather send proposals to companies, instead of application letters. Most people who call themselves Digital Marketers are just social media managers. So there are lots of job vacancies if you become an expert and decides to work for a company. DM recruitment happens on LinkedIn almost every day. Once again, dedicate 6 months to this course. I guarantee you. You will have a lot of gig online.

Facebook also has this that makes you expert Digital Marketer on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. You can give that a try too.

Enough of that too! Feel free to reply if you need clarification on DM

Let’s see business type three.

Business Idea 3: Self-Publishing

This is one of my favorites!

Writing a book has never been this easy. Before the .com explosion, someone had to approve your book for publication. Now you can easily come out with your book without knowing any publisher. I wrote and published my two books on Amazon without going through any “traditional” publisher.

  1. Who Scams the Scammer
  2. Eclipse of the Heart: My Love encounter with the KNUST Waakye seller

Both are also available on Play Store too. Apple has some crazy T&C (terms and conditions) so the platform I use hasn’t subscribed to Apple Store yet.

It’s Amazon that does the hard print. It is print on demand. Once you order, Amazon prints and sends to you. They take their share and send me the remaining coins via the Payoneer platform I discussed in one of the earlier steps (I think STEP 03).

That is what the Self-Publishing business is about. You write and publish your own books.

How do I write the book?

The easiest way I’ve found is to start it on Facebook. Pick a field you are an expert in, and write a topic every week. Don’t post every day. Do extensive research throughout the week and write one rich content. Share it on other platforms and use the remaining days of the week to discuss it on WhatsApp and other platforms you belong.

If you are able to consistently do so every week, by week 12, you will have 12 articles. Copy all into a word document. Each article will be a chapter. Add introduction, and conclusion. That’s it, you’ve got your book content.

What’s next?

Head over to and make your  nice cover photo. It’s free

Upload the cover photo at and that’s it, you’ve got a nice 3D image of your book also.

That’s how I did the image below.

How do I publish it?

1: Amazon

Create an account on Amazon and upload it. It’s free. Amazon will verify it and publish it in less than an hour.

You can also upload it again for hard print. In that case, Amazon will now serve as your printing press. As said, Amazon will only print based on order.

2: ReaderApp

  1. Go to play store and search for an app called ReaderApp
  2. Download it, install it, and create Author Account using your email.
  3. Upload your word document (in PDF format I think), and the cover photo.
  4. In less than an hour, you are done. You’ve published a book on Google play.

Anyone with the ReaderApp can search for your book and buy using MoMo (all networks are supported).

You don’t have any expertise to write on?

There are other ways to go around it.

Can you interview people? Then find a problem in Ghana, and interview 10-20 experts on that. Each person becomes a chapter. Compile that into a book, and it will sell. One of the amazing books I read last year is titled Unthinkable: An Extraordinary Journey Through the World’s Strangest Brains by Helen Thomson.

Helen is a science writer, and she went around the world interviewing people with extraordinary brains. I ssuwerrrr, you will love the book. Our brain is an amazing object.

Below are the 10 strange people she interviewed

If you have interest in public health, can you find 10 people in Ghana who have recovered from Covid-19? Interview them and compile into a book.

Below are few other topics you take up.

  1. 50 reasons why graduate students are unemployed: interview 1000 graduates why they are unemployed. Limit the reasons given to 50 and you’ve got a book.
  2. Why I failed all my job interviews after school. Is there some value you can share with others? Compile that into a book.
  3. 10 reasons why first class students get first class. Target 10 universities and interview 10 first class students, one from each school. Compile their study plan into a book.
  4. Why I failed in life despite all my efforts.
  5. How single moms raise their children from grass to grace. Interview 100 single moms who have been able to single-handedly raise their children.
  6. How single dads raise their children from grass to grace
  7. How I combine family life with my career. 10 practical steps from a Ghanaian nurse
  8. 10 amazing places to visit in Ghana, as a tourist. Lots of tourists come to Ghana and they will love it. It might cost you because you must personally visit those places. But that is what will give the reader value for money.
  9. Take for example, if you grew up in a Zongo community, you could easily write a book on What makes a Zongo boy a Zongo boy
  10. How a Muslim lady can combine education and marriage – this is a huge dilemma for many parents in Ghana.
  11. How to do a backyard garden in the City.
  12. How to pass your driver’s license exams in 10 simple steps.
  13. How to spend your GH¢700/month as a NABCO worker.
  14. Step by Step guide to become a DJ, Sound Engineer, Dancer, Singer or anything you can think of.

I hope you get the point.

How long should the book be?

You can target between 10 – 100 pages.

Yes, it can be as small as 10 pages. All that matter is; it provides VALUE.

When I was searching to see how best to get my sales from Amazon, someone mentioned Payoneer in one forum bi. In an attempt to do the integration (Amazon -> Payoneer -> Local Bank account), I came across this book on Amazon: How to link your Payoneer with Local Bank by Elijar Otor. I think he’s a Nigerian. The content is less than ten (10) A4 size pages, and it goes for $1 on Amazon.

My books and articles are relatively long, as you can see from this series. I struggle to summarize things J My English teacher no do me good koraa!

Enough of Self-Publishing business. I hope you get the drift.

Let’s see our fourth business type

Business Idea 4: Online Market place business

We won’t keep long under this. I’ve already explained it. This type of business creates a platform where buyers and sellers meet.

Can you guess such examples?

Amazon, eBay, Tonaton, jumia, Alibaba, Kikuu, etc

As said, creating the startup platform is not the big deal koraa. You can do that in few hours or max a day. What matters is what to sell, and how to tell people not to go to Tonaton or Jumia and rather come to you. That is the big deal – marketing your product.

  1. Can you connect tomato farmers and consumers?
  2. Can you connect gari producers and students?
  3. Teachers and students?
  4. Shoe makers and buyers?
  5. Ladies and make up specialists?
  6. Tertiary students and scholarship offers around the world?
  7. Students and research topics?
  8. Northern food and northerners in the south?
  9. Disposed SHS books and new SHS students?
  10. Connect students and Hostels?

These are just few examples.

Next is SMS business

Business Idea 5: SMS Business

Just as we have email broadcasting, we also have SMS broadcasting. And trust me, there is still a need for SMS message. We get it on our phones almost every day.

This business is simple. You charge organizations and send SMS on their behalf. Just like how MTN charges event organizers and sends us useless Shatta Wale concert details.

What do I need to start this?

The members Name and Mobile Number of the members

Buy SMS credit from any of the reputable platforms in Ghana. Examples are


Write a proposal to any association you belong, thus if they don’t have it already. You can start with your church. If you are a Muslim don’t bother going into mosque, no one will give you a dime to send SMS. [Y3 ya y3 hye roff]

Is it profitable?

Sure, but depends on your charges also. With GH¢300, you can send about 15,000 SMS. If a church or association of 500 members ask you to send SMS to all members, you can charge GH¢50. And you will still be left with 14,500 SMS credit. Isn’t that cool?

Next is Internet Radio

Business Idea 6:Internet Radio

I don’t have experience in this but I’ve seen a lot of young guys doing it online. Not Ghana though. You can research around to see the possibility. Below are few links for starting your research. It looks way easy than imagined.


Business Idea 7:Online TV

Another business you can easily start is Online TV

  1. Get your YouTube account
  2. Get your Microphone and camera
  3. Click on the button shown in the image below

That’s it, you’ve started broadcasting. You can do the same too on Facebook. Actually, what matters is not going live. What matters is what value will you give to viewers when you go live. It’s same as the Internet Radio. You need to curve a serious niche and provide serious content in order to penetrate this serious market.

Business Idea 8:Online News Platform.

This type of business falls under traffic module. You will create a news platform like Modern Ghana, Ghanaweb, etc. Get contributors (reporters) who will publish on your platform. Once you get the traffic, you can start advertising.

You know what? That is exactly what I will use for (if my mind doesn’t change later). It will be everything news about Bono Region. Ghanaweb, Myjoyonline, Peacefm, CitiNews, etc have already captured the nation. It will be difficult to compete with them. But once you narrow to a specific sector/niche and serve them better, you can get your daily bread too.

Business Idea 9: Infopreneur

This is someone whose product is “information”. You can package your information in any of the following ways, and sell on your platform.

  • eBooks
  • Tutorials
  • Videos
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Courses and Workshops

Business Idea 10: Virtual Administrative Assistant

You will do exactly what a secretary or administrative officer does in a company, but yours will be online.

  • Writing and replying email
  • Scheduling meeting
  • Scheduling calendar
  • Taking minutes during meeting
  • Keeping online records
  • Creating presentations
  • Managing contact lists
  • Booking appointments
  • Searching for information (contact numbers, emails, etc) about target customers. I’m currently searching for about 30 high profile Real Estate journalists in America. I need their names, mobile numbers, emails and their twitter handles. Someone needs that information.
  • etc

Next is eLearning or Online Coaching

Business Idea 11: eLearning or Online Coaching

If this is what you are considering then don’t worry. The book covers everything you need.

Pretty, lemme summarize the remaining Internet Business ideas please. I’m getting tired koraa J

  • Ezine (E Magazine)
  • Online Tutor
  • Online Makeup classes
  • Book editing
  • Photography
  • Graphic design
  • Virtual assistance
  • API Development
  • Art Work
    1. Painting
    2. Sculpture making
    3. Sketching
    4. Calligraphy
  • Video Editing
  • Audio Transcription
  • Animations
  • Architectural Designs
  • App Development

I hope this is helpful. Let’s meet again next week and I hope by then you would’ve decided what to do.

Next week, we will talk about our business identity (naming our business, logo, tagline, colors, etc)

On this note, I say wasallam!

Feel free to chat me on Telegram 0234809010 or facebook ( or or comment right here under this article, I will reply.

Needless to say, I will be glad if you can share it on your online platforms for me. Someone might be interested too 🙂

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